Lines and Signs Limited offers its customers a wide range of services and line marking solutions in Thermoplastic Screed, Pre-formed Thermoplastic, MMA and Various Roadline Paints,

Lines & Signs offers a one years guarantee on all its products and services subject to normal wear and tear, and that the surface for application is in sound and in reasonable condition, our operators will generally inform you if no form of guarantee can be given.


Car Park Markings & Road Markings

We can apply Thermoplastic Screed or a suitable Roadline Paint that meets your specific requirements.

Our experienced staff can give you advise and guidance as to the best way to mark out your car park to make it as safe and user friendly as possible.

Items include but not restricted to:

Car bays, disabled bays to DDA standards, directional arrows, pedestrian crossings, walkways, speed tables, numbering & lettering, hatched areas,double yellow lines, various logos, stop/give way junctions.

Factory and Warehouse Markings

There are many different paints for all types of surfaces and areas such as low odour paints for food warehouse/factories or hard wearing paints where they may be forklift traffic. Speak to one our advisers to get the right product for the job.

Make your site a safe environment and conform to Health and Safety rules with clear safe walkway, denote areas to be kept clear or areas for storage.

Safety lines, walkways, pedestrian logo, forklift logo, numbering & lettering, pedestrian crossings, hatched areas, etc.

Playground Markings

Here at Lines & Signs Limited we believe playgrounds should be bright fun and educational, Pre-Formed Thermoplastic markings help us achieve this. 

Pre-formed Thermoplastic is a very durable material and offers colourful and long lasting markings. Pre-cut into the designated graphics giving a finished product that has a high quality look and finish.

Select from a wide range of graphics from our catalogue below, items include but are not restricted to:

Hopscotch, compass, clocks, ladders with numbers or a-z, snakes with numbers or a-z, caterpillars with numbers or a-z, games such as snakes & ladders, mazes, chess board, tracks for road awareness training, numbered grids and times tables grids, shapes footprints.

For more information download our Fun Times Leaflet or Fun Times Catalogue.

MUGA or Ball Court Markings

We apply court markings in paint so that your are left with a court that has no raised lines.

Courts are marked out to British Sports Association sizes and colours where possible.

An anti-slip paint can be applied prior to lines to give addition grip to the playing surface or give a professional look to your courts

Sports courts include:

Basketball, netball, tennis, hockey, volleyball, 5-a-side, rounders.

High Friction Surfaces

We can apply:

- Thermoplastic Anti-Skid,

- Various Anti-Slip Paints,

- MMA with Anti-Slip Aggregate,

- and Cold Pour Resins and Aggregates.

Generally used for walkways, disabled bays, tennis courts, approach to lights, junctions, where additional grip is required

Removal of Line Markings

Markings can be removed by:

- Thermal Lance,

- Floor Scarifier,

- or by chemical means.

To get the best way to remove your unwanted line markings talk to our expert team.

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